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Speed Calculator

This calculator will estimate a projection of how fast a motorcycle will travel based on the basic gearing setup. This calculator does not take into account any information such as horse power or determine torque so while a configuration may estimate a particular speed it does not necessarily mean that you will be able to achieve it.

The default options are setup for a 1982 Maico 490 GS and an explaination of how this works can be found here. Transmissions which do not have a seperate layshaft (and only a countershaft/driveshaft) can simply enter 1 for both the driveshaft sprocket and the layshaft sprocket entries in the supporting information. Bikes that do not have a 5th or 6th gear can just extend the highest gear settings.

Transmission Gearing

MainShaft LayShaft
1st Gear
2nd Gear
3rd Gear
4th Gear
5th Gear
6th Gear

Supporting Information

Crank Sprocket
Clutch Sprocket
Layshaft Sprocket
Driveshaft Sprocket
Front Sprocket
Rear Sprocket
Full Rear Tire Diameter (inches)

Projected Speeds (MPH) at RPM
1000 3000 4000 5000 5500 6000 6500 7000 7500 8000 9000
1st Gear
2nd Gear
3rd Gear
4th Gear
5th Gear
6th Gear

Setup Various Bikes
1982 Maico 490 GS
1982 KTM 495
2006 Yamaha YZ 125
1983 Maico 490 Spider (Stock)
1983 Maico 490 Sand Spider (Stock)
1983 Maico 490 Sand Spider (mine)
1984 KTM 495 MXC (stock)
1984 KTM 495 MXC (mine)
1984 KTM 495 MX (stock)
1986 MStar 500 (As setup when I got it)
2010 Maico 685
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