Sunday, December 5, 2021 | TSTM

Shock it to Me!

Following countless test sessions, although realistically it's that good, only one forty minute stint was needed to realise that this just had to be standard equipment for next year, here is the first picture of the new shock absorber designed and manufactured specifically for the 2011 M.M.X.

Weighing in at approximately one and a half kilo's less that the previous Reiger shock; the all new unit features a wealth of adjustment, with 50 click settings on the rebound, 45 clicks on the high speed compression, and 25 on the low speed compression as standard. With the top end of the shock beautifully manufactured from Billet and a coated rod, it is expected that the production models will come with an anodised reservoir and will be manufactured to suit the weight of each individual rider when the customer orders his or her bike.

Keeping tight lipped about the name behind the manufacture of the unit Maico International are refusing to name the company until the production bike is released later this year.

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