Tuesday, June 18, 2024 | TSTM

A Lad-insane

As the 700cc M.M.X. becomes the topic of many internet conversations regarding the senseless need for such a bike, and the insanity needed to ride one, there is one man that can see the reason..... and likes it.

"This bike is insane" commented Neil Berry after spending several days taming the 700 M.M.X. back in the summer "It rewrites the rule book on how to race a two stroke and for the first two hours I struggled to come to terms with the immense power this thing puts down, but the strange thing is that once you stop becoming frightened of the eighty plus horses under your right hand, (next years model should be near 100) you can't stop laughing.... The fun factor, the distant sound of a 450 behind you on the rev limiter...... and you?re only in second!..... This is what this bike is all about".

"We had to change the gearing after the first session as I just couldn't get use to being in first for every corner and stalled it a couple of times, but once we had it dialled in I felt far more comfortable and adapted to it quite quickly, and if anyone gets past you on the corners regaining your place down the straight is just a gentle twist on the throttle. It has to be treated with a little respect, and you only really need first and second gear with the occasional visit to third on some faster tracks....... but the holeshot is guaranteed".

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