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F.1 Factory engine option, as new Era dawns for Maico

As a new era dawns in the life of Maico, rigorous testing has been carried out on a wide selection of hand made products already hotly tipped to make it onto the spec sheet for the 2011 M.M.X.

The new frame has been kept at close quarters for some time and the results have proved to be better than initially expected with a superb balance which far exceeds its dated predecessor and provides a substantial weight saving.

Made exclusively for the new generation of bikes the rear shock absorber works in harmony with the new frame and has been a revelation in testing sessions. Maico Internationals Dunlop Maxima rider Neil Berry commented, "Even with a 320 motor slotted into the chassis, the weight and balance make it feel like a 125, it?s just so manoeuvrable and positive. The new shock is a top draw product; it?s lighter and far more functional than the previous one, and works so well, essentially it?s a factory shock fitted on a bike as standard which I would gladly put up against any other brand on the market."

With an F.1. Factory engine expected make it onto the options list for 2011 featuring some very interesting internals which will all be available as individual options to customers who purchase the standard bike and wish to upgrade various parts at a later date, the whole concept of the new M.M.X has been focused on engineering a high level quality product.

Maico Internationals Vincent Page said: "Sure, other manufacturers have released their new bikes and many people are getting frustrated at waiting for the new M.M.X. but we have a clear and defined ethos with this bike and it will be worth waiting for."

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