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"No Fear" for Berry, as Maico International announce class leader

While a staple diet of regular editorials and press releases kept the worlds Maico fans and industry media right up to the minute with progress throughout last year Maico International have been flattered by the concerned and enthusiastic response to their comparative silence since the last release on the 11th of December 2010. Grateful thanks go to two people in particular for their support, Toby Opferman and John Nicholas.

Back with a double whammy Maico International are pleased to welcome what is arguably one of the worlds leading M.X. clothing brands, "No fear" as a new sponsor for 2011. Dunlop Maxima rider Neil Berry will be covered from head to toe in their products for the 2011 campaign on an M.M.X. in a variety of engine sizes competing in European and U.K. events as well as a visit stateside later this year. In a deal brokered by Andy Sutton, director of the areas leading "No Fear" distributor, Poole Motorcycles, Neil Berry told us "We are very pleased to be working directly with No Fear they have a high quality product and have provided us with a comprehensive package in terms of support, we are looking forward to building a good relationship with them".

In terms of machinery the worlds most powerful standard production 250 two stroke will be rolling on to the track this year as Maico International confirm the status of their new entry level engine as a Class leader. It was well documented last year that another companies 250 two stroke was the most powerful production motor at 49 H.P. and although unwilling to confirm the precise output of the new British built 250cc power-plant Maico International quote the figure as being "substantially fifty something". Each new M.M.X. purchased will come with its own certificate of authenticity along with a copy of the engines dyno readout.

To many stalwart Maico fans this maybe a little bewildering as the most recent previously manufactured 250cc engine prior to this has been quoted on various web sites as developing 54 horsepower, Lesley White explains "We have had several of the previous 250cc motors in question on dyno?s and all of them produced figures less than 40 H.P which is substantially lower than the 54 hp claimed. It is generally accepted that figures will differ slightly depending on the machine used to achieve the readings but this is a massive and unacceptable difference. Each new M.M.X. purchased will come with its own certificate of authenticity along with a copy of the dyno readout from the engine fitted in the bike"

With a six engine line-up scheduled for 2012, development of the all new 125 is already underway and is expected to follow its larger siblings in performance terms when it?s unveiled later this year.

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