Thursday, May 30, 2024 | TSTM

ProClean ProFilter

How often do you clean your air filter? What do you use when you clean it? Perhaps gasoline or WD40 or Dish Soap? Well, I just tried ProClean ProFilter air filter cleaner on one of my bikes that I had left the summer without cleaning (Yes, shame on me!).

I have to say I was pretty amazed that dirt just came right off without doing any work at all! Unlike gasoline which is toxic and hard to dispose of this is a biodegradable water based cleaner so it is easy to dispose.

I've used soap in the past and you have to really work to get the filter clean and even at its cleanest you can still squeeze the filter and see dirt comming out. After cleaning with the ProFilter, running hot water through the air filter squeezed out clean water!

If you ride year round in dust, dirt, and the mud I definately reccomend giving this product a try! The results speak for themselves.

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